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Eleanor is a writer, poet and editor from East London. Currently based in Nottingham, she places her work in the realm of the Eco-Gothic, using themes of folklore and horror to explore relationships with the natural world. Her writing is rich with imagery that explores the haunting and fantastical.

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Collection 'Dead Buried in Wood and Leaf' published by the University of Nottingham in Innervate 20/21. Read

'The Rippling', or 'I, Woolf' published in 2022 by Green Ink Poetry in their 9th collection: Patronage. Read

Third Prize Winner in the Greys Court Palimpsest Poetry Challenge on Young Poets Network with the poem 'Through Marble Eyes'. Read

Commended poet in the Tower Poetry Competition with the poem 'The Collection of Stones'.

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and also...

script & stories

Screenplay for the film 'Early Bird', made by BFI students. View

Section from The Man Under the Sea featured in the podcast Inevitable Change, episode 'Nostalgia and Celebrating Spring'. Listen

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'Writing a Relationship with Nature: The Importance of Eco-Poetry' Read

'Nottingham V Sheffield: Locating Robin Hood' Read

'Folk culture, creativity, and Gen-Z' Read

"Paralysed by Freedom" Graham Caveney's 'On Agoraphobia' Read

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